Haymarket Consumer Media

Paul, your designs have influenced me greatly, even before I knew what an editorial designer was.

What I did know for my 19-year-old self was how fantastic the Autocar McLaren F1 book was and how it came to influence my career.

That book is etched in my head to this day, and is a template I use to show the readers the insight only we privileged few ever see, be it for a gadget, a car or a person. I thank you for that.

Thank you also for paying for my train fare to offer me a job back in 1999. Sorry I didn’t take it, but I knew I would be back some day.

That ‘some day’ gave me the opportunity to design the Autocar McLaren MP4-12C book some 17 years after seeing yours. What a privilege that was – if only one day my work influences someone half as much as your book did me.