Olympics London 2012

Paul was one of the few designers in the company who put his hand up to help out doing shifts on the Olympic dailies in my time of need. He parked his (not inconsiderable) ego at the door, rolled his sleeves up and just got on with it, happy to take instruction and criticism as if I really was his boss – which, for a brief time, I was.

If you let Paul talk you will learn something. Sometimes, you might even get a word in. But if you let him go on, in among the anecdotes about sharing shoes at Uni and stories about people he assumes you’ve met, will be the odd nugget of design wisdom that you will remember and keep coming back to year after year.

But he didn’t just sit in his office telling stories. Paul remains a highly creative and passionate designer who genuinely cares about editorial and design. His work is clever, modern, timeless and off the grid (sometimes literally, as you’d see if you’ve ever made the mistake of switching on the guides on one of his layouts!).