When I redrew the logo a few years ago the deputy art editor Barry Ainslie was keeping an eye on me. He had written his art college thesis on the brilliant Russian constructivist inspired design for FourFourTwo that my predecessor James Baker had done for the launch. Barry approved the new logo. I thought until then, that he was working for me.

This is what the current art editor Anthony Moore thinks about me:

“When asked to write some words about Paul, my first thought was, that should be really easy. I talk to him pretty much every day at work about… well… hang on, what do we talk about?

A lot of it I can’t go into for legal reasons, truth be told, but on the whole we talk about our craft, design, football and our love of type that bores pretty much anyone within earshot.

Fellow type-nerds who talk ligatures, glyphs, hairlines and characters on a daily basis. I owe him a debt of gratitude for taking this Geordie under his wing, for having faith in me, and also for being stupid enough to let me loose on designing some of his best titles.

Oh, and I promise I will design a typeface soon…”