The ultimate multimedia brand! The iPad edition is fabulous. The website is terrific. Great design team Chee-Chui Lee, Ross Presly, Will Clarke. Looks great across all the channels. Ross is doing an especially great job of the covers. Here’s what he thinks of me:

“This feels weird, like I’m writing a reference for somebody who doesn’t really need one. If you want to show it to somebody, fine, but I think you’d be better off showing them your portfolio than relying on a few barely competent sentences from a designer.

Paul is supremely confident in his own abilites, and brilliant at what he does. This is what makes him so good – he’s not worried about somebody else producing better work than him; indeed, he actively encourages them to.

So many excellent ideas have come just from standing in Paul’s office listening to him talking about something or other, having a read of his mags or sticking my nose into a redesign he’s working on. It’s always inspiring.

Thanks, Paul, for giving a young punk an interview (in which you did all the talking), a job – and then pretending to be my dad that time in New York.”